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Hospice at Maria Hall

Hospice at Maria Hall

Hospice care in a personalized setting for the guest and their family.

A Special Hospice Home for Final Life Care

There are circumstances that make out-of-home care for loved ones confronting a life-limiting diagnosis a preferred choice. Columbia Montour Home Hospice at Maria Hall provides that option, offering a highly individualized and home-like setting for each guest.

Maria Hall is part of the peaceful, beautifully maintained grounds of St. Cyril and Methodius in Danville, Pennsylvania.

Located on the fourth floor of Maria Hall, this “home away from home” focuses on maintaining a guest’s dignity and comfort while providing emotional and physical support to both the family and guest.

This “home away from home” is maintained collaboratively by Columbia Montour Home Hospice and the Sisters of St. Cyril and Methodius. Non-denominational, it welcomes anyone in need of end-of-life care. Guests and their families are encouraged to find comfort through the addition of personal touches – a favorite chair, pictures and other belongings – to make their private suite as similar to their home environment as possible.


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is provided by the Hospice staff and volunteers, and can be supplemented by family and friends of the guest. As part of their mission, the Sisters of St. Cyril and Methodius provide the physical residence and housekeeping, prepare the meals, offer prayer support and welcome use of the chapel. The Hospice staff defines appropriate physical and emotional care, collaborates with physician(s) to achieve optimal pain and symptom management, provides support during the final stage of life and ongoing bereavement services. Columbia Montour Home Hospice strives to keep patients with progressive end-stage diseases at home, but this is not always possible or practical.


Comforting the Guest, the Family, the Friends

Columbia Montour Home Hospice at Maria Hall simulates the at-home experience, not only for the guest, but also for family and friends. This “home away from home” is designed to provide care and comfort

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similar to what could be experienced within the guest’s home, while lifting task burdens so that important shared time can be concentrated on the guest.

Your interest in, and visit to, Columbia Montour Home Hospice at Maria Hall will be welcomed.

A member of the Hospice staff is available to discuss with you all aspects of this exceptional facility. Simply call:

Columbia Montour Home Hospice
410 Glenn Avenue, Suite 200
Bloomsburg, PA 17815


A Unique Setting for The Fulfillment of Life


• A Home-Like Setting
• Experienced Hospice Care
• Special, Loving Attention
• Symptom and Pain Management
• Emotional and Physical Support
• Private Suite
• Continuous Family Access
• Furnished Guest Rooms
• Family Area with Dining Area
• Children’s Room
• Spacious Sun Porch
• Access to Chapel
• Accommodations for Family
• Monitored Residence
• Access to Peaceful Grounds
• Elevator Accessible
• Convenient Parking
• Bereavement Support Services
• Physician Interface
• Tub Room with Hydraulic Chair